Washington Center for Weight Management and Research

Transform your health and your life

We are a team of specialists focused on understanding all aspects of your health, medications, stressors, emotional/coping skills, life approach and the ways in which they contribute to your weight and associated medical conditions. Our goal is to help you develop an individualized treatment plan to improve your health and wellbeing. Make an appointment with a specialist, take part in our comprehensive program or become a member in one of our research trials. Please contact us at 703-807-0037 to schedule your free consultation.

  • Individual Services A full range of services is available to those who may want to obtain support in one area rather than join a full program.
  • Comprehensive Program We offer an evidence-based, comprehensive medical approach to healthy, long-term weight loss and management with a focus on wellness and support of personal change.
  • Clinical Research Participating in clinical research offers the opportunity of contributing to the understanding of obesity as well trying a new potential therapy. Many of the trials include a lifestyle intervention.

Our history

calla Domenica M. Rubino, MD

Dr. Rubino started her clinic recognizing the need for solid, honest, comprehensive care without gimmicks for the person who struggles with weight – integrating the science of obesity medicine with a practical approach.

Key aspects of this care are respect for the individual; recognition of the potential emotional/psychological impact of weight and co-exisisting medical conditions and need for support; identifying life factors for aggraviting the condition and limiting them; empowering a person's self care; fostering a healthy self-esteem and optimizing medical care resulting in an improved quality of life.

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