Eisai-Sponsored Twitter Chat: #ObesityRisks

October 20th, 2014

We are excited to announce that on October 21st at 1pm ET, @EisaiWeightLoss will be hosting a live Twitter Chat to discuss obesity related health risks. Moderating the chat will be Internal Medicine Doctor and Assistant Professor at Rush Medical University, Dr. Wilford Germino. Dr. Domenica Rubino, Director of Washington Center for Weight Management and Research, and Nurse Practitioner at MD Weight Loss & Nutrition, Cathy Gonzales will also be participating in the chat as field experts.

Q1: For those who are overweight/obese there may be weight-related #healthrisks. What are common obesity-related #healthrisks? #ObesityRisks

Q2: How is high blood pressure (HBP) defined? Why is it important to measure? #ObesityRisks

Q3: What is “high cholesterol?” Why is it important to measure? #ObesityRisks

Q4: What is the clinical definition of type 2 diabetes (T2D)? #ObesityRisks

Q5: What are the risks of type 2 diabetes (T2D) for clinically obese people? And what are potential symptoms of T2D? #ObesityRisks

Q6: What lifestyle changes are recommended for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? #ObesityRisks

Q7: How can a person tell whether they may be at risk for high blood pressure, cholesterol or type 2 diabetes? #ObesityRisks

Q8: Last Question! What resources exist to help people manage obesity-related #healthrisks? #ObesityRisks

To follow the chat, please search #ObesityRisks on Twitter or simply go to https://twitter.com/hashtag/obesityrisks?f=realtime during the time of the chat. If you can’t join us during the time of the chat, be sure to check out all the conversations even after the chat has ended.

Thank you,

Eisai Inc.

*Dr. Germino (@DrGermino_Eisai), Dr. Rubino (@DrRubino_Eisai) and Cathy Gonzales (@CathyG_NP_Eisai) are paid spokespeople of Eisai Inc.

Tracking Device Epiphany…

July 23rd, 2014


I consider myself a “pretty active” person. I work-out regularly, have 3 kids and manage to move a lot throughout the day. Or, at least I thought I did.
My birthday was last month and I received a Jawbone (tracking device) as a gift. This wasn’t a surprise…since I did ask for it. However, what IS the surprise is that since I’ve gotten it, I’ve worn it religiously. And, I have only made the “recommended” 10,000 steps, twice. ?
Whoa. .what?! Ms. Fitness Professional can’t get in her steps/day? I am astounded. My workout is usually on an elliptical and that won’t track my steps. Then, I sit on a beach or stand and lift weights. That also doesn’t get tracked. But geez…what about the rest of the day?
My realization is that if you work full time and also commute, 10,000 steps is an unattainable goal for most days. That isn’t to say you COULDN’T make the 10,000 steps but it would require you really making an effort at some point to take walks.
Since wearing my Jawbone,I am now recommending folks wear their tracking devices for a week and get a “baseline” measurement. Then, make a goal to increase that # of steps by 1500-2000 steps, 2-3 days a week. For example: if your “norm” is 5,000 steps a day. Then 2-3 days try and get it up to 6500-7000 steps a day. The point is to feel successful and that you achieved your goal. Not to feel badly because you couldn’t reach 10,000.
This was a humbling experiment. I learned that I definitely have more room each day to try and move more especially since I sit at my job. I’ve also had to convince myself not to get upset that I can’t achieve the recommended amount of steps/day. I had to reevaluate what was realistic for me to do in a day and I decided on 7500 steps/day. I can achieve this and more importantly, sustain this.
And, I want to meet the dude who decided 10,000 a day was a good idea. He must have short legs, no job and a ton of time on his hands. ?

Some Perspective…..

May 28th, 2014

We all have got something. Seriously. The older I get, the more I realize everyone has a struggle in life. Or, has had a struggle or sadly, WILL have one. Life can’t be easy all the time….that is why it’s called life.   As imperfect humans, we jump to conclusions and judge folks before we ever meet them…or get to know them. “oh, she’s beautiful. Probably has a boyfriend.” Or, “oh, she is skinny, she probably never eats junk food, ” “He drives a Porsche, he must be rich,” “She is always smiling…she must have a perfect life.”  Instinctively, we assume everyone elses life is hunky dory while we are struggling to get out of bed most days.
The truth may be that the beautiful woman is battling breast cancer. The skinny girl is skinny because she has a serious gastrointestinal condition that gives her chronic diarrhea. That guy driving the Porsche doesn’t even have a job and, the car? It’s his cousins. And the super smiley woman is going to find out tomorrow that her husband is leaving her.
What if we all just started to give people a break? What if we decided to start giving OURSELVES a break too?  Can you imagine a life without assumptions and quick judgments? Sounds heavenly to me.  What if we started to forgive ourselves for our imperfections and started to embrace the process of change, recovery and progress?
I’m not an expert –not even close actually.  I’m just a regular gal struggling some days and living with …stuff.  I talk to many people living with something and a lot of us share the same inability to get ourselves “unstuck” from the negativity and move towards the positivity.  I am a perpetual work in progress. We all are. Regardless of what or who you believe in…I truly believe none of us are mistakes in this world and we are all here for a purpose. If we can stop each day to remember this…take a breather, give ourselves a break and try better tomorrow I think pretty soon, we will learn to stop judging ourselves and others and make some real healthy progress.
Now, who’s in?

An Introduction….

May 7th, 2014

Hey! I’m Amy. I may have met many of you by now. I’m the “new kid” at the Clinic. If I haven’t met you yet…here is a brief intro:
• I’m the fitness lady. I am one of those people that finds great enjoyment in working out. I know that not everyone feels this way so don’t worry…there will be NO “conversion” ceremony when you meet me in my office!  I will work with you to help you make movement a part of your lifestyle. I’m pretty harmless –and well, loud-ish. I’ve heard that from a few people already. Bring earplugs if it’s a problem for you.
• I’m a Mom. I have three kids and there are days that I say to myself…”how in HECK did I get here? “ I have two teenage girls and a 12 year old son who has non verbal autism. Yup. Life is hectic. I don’t think I would trade my life for anyone else’s but, since that is absolutely impossible anyway, I try to not think about it.
• I’m a wife. I married a funny guy named Bob. He keeps me giggling and has a very optimistic attitude that when life seems dark.. he makes me realize it’s really not that bad.
• I’m a Marylander. I’m one of those insane commuters that goes over the American Legion bridge most days. I don’t mind actually. I’m alone in my car and I don’t have to argue with my 15 year old about radio stations.
• For fun I workout (surprise), I write a blog with 2 of my mom friends, I teach college classes twice a week and I walk my dogs with my husband. For not-fun, I schlep my daughters around to lacrosse practice, to drama club, to the movies, to friends houses and to the mall. When I’m not in my car, I do perpetual laundry and usually go to the grocery store daily because I routinely make lists but forget them at home.
My hope for this blog/website and Facebook page is to keep in touch with all the patients at the clinic more regularly. To send out words of encouragement, recipes, funny, “make you smile” kind of pictures and tips to help make your journey here more successful. I really look forward to meeting you soon.




Mediterranean Diet Workshop

February 20th, 2014

Use your imagination to envision a quaint seaside town, the slow passing of time, a life that captures a natural rhythm and nourishment through basic natural foods. It is a life that is nourishing both mentally & physically.

I am setting the stage for the upcoming Mediterranean Diet Series as follows:

10am Friday Skill Builders Group: Mediterranean Diet Workshop

Feb 21 The Diet Overview (McFalls)
Feb 28 The Benefits (Rubino)
March 7 Designing a Personal Meal Plan I (McFalls)
March 14 Designing a Personal Meal Plan II (McFalls)

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Challenge

January 27th, 2014

We have started the Y2014 100-day S.M.A.R.T. Goal Challenge. A S.M.A.R.T. Goal is better than a New Year’s Resolution because it sets a better foundation for achieving your goals.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals are S—Specific, M—Measurable, A—Attainable, R—Relevant and T—Time-bound.

Setting a S.M.A.R.T. Goal is a process that involves: thinking carefully about what you really want, considering the action steps needed to reach your goal, considering the barriers, finding the resources and developing the knowledge & skills needed. Finally, a S.M.A.R.T. Goal is put in writing along with the time by which you want to achieve your goal. You don’t fail or fizzle at a S.M.A.R.T. Goal. You re-assess your progress at specific time points and re-adjust your goal. As well, you build in self-rewards at regular time points to motivate yourself.

It’s challenging! It’s meaningful!

JOIN the 100-day S.M.A.R.T. Goal Challenge
(Started 1/20/2014)

to help you set and assess your goal.

Turn in your SELF-MONITORING sheet each week &
ENTER OUR DRAWING to win a gift card
every 25 days of the 100-day challenge

Refocus for Fall by Kathy McFalls, MS, RD

September 18th, 2013

Last Friday I started the “Refocus for Fall” series. The goal of this first group meeting was to work on recovering from summer & re-establishing a structured meal routine. The fall season is a good time to refresh your meals with different fruits & vegetables.

In the series, I am introducing some of the nutrition concepts of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Eat to Live. You may have seen his PBS special. In brief, he advocates a high nutrient dense diet by increasing vegetables, fruit, nuts & legumes. The group members, including myself, are taking on the challenge of upping the nutrient density of our diets.

Join us on Friday mornings at 10 am. If you are unable to come to group, you can still participate in the challenge by picking up sample meal plans and a diary. Even if you are on the Directed or Guided Path, meal plans can be adapted to meet your needs.

Before we start counting down the days to the Winter Holidays, let’s recoup from the summer–vacations, travel, summer holidays, BBQs— and any other disruptions to our routine.

It is time to Refocus for Fall !

The Refocus for Fall Series includes
September 13: Having a Structured Food Plan
September 20: Having Flexibility through Calorie Balancing
September 27: The Mindful Eating Confidential
October 4: Changing Your Thinking Patterns
October 11: Harvesting the Benefits of Fall Fruits & Vegetables

11 Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism (Rubino Interview)

August 12th, 2013


Recruiting Now for New Research Study

July 17th, 2013

­­­The Washington Center for Weight Management & Research is currently seeking highly motivated volunteers to participate in a 16 week clinical research study to evaluate the effects of an investigational dietary supplement to facilitate weight loss. Qualified participants will receive: Investigational dietary supplement, study related medical exams, laboratory testing and lifestyle and behavior change counseling at no cost. Call 703-807-0037 or email: washcent@gmail.com.The

Dr. Rubino Featured in Educational DVD Distributed to Physicians

June 21st, 2013